Lone Worker module

£2 per user per month

Protect your staff with a Lone Worker system that checks on them regularly and allows them to call for assistance

Falls, impacts, electricity, water, traffic, abuse and assault - your staff and contractors face hazards each and every day.

eyeSite's Lone Worker module is a system of monitoring and alerts that helps keep them safe without hindering them in their work or impacting on their time.

When using the app with Lone Worker switched on, they are prompted at set intervals to confirm that they are ok, with a one-click Yes/No response. If no answer is received within a set period then a notification sound is triggered. Normal activity such as taking photos or completing and submitting form data, delays the prompt for a further interval. They can request assistance at any time directly from the app.

If help is requested or and 'I'm ok' response is not received from the prompts, then a text or email is sent to a specified number directly from the device, and users of the web portal are notified. Information including location and time of last activity are included in the notification. When someone responds, they can turn this notification off to prevent duplicate responses.

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