eyeSite's white-label product for streetworks, DigitEye, has been running on robust cloud-based platforms and a range of mobile devices, from phones to tablets, since 2018 processing over a million photos a year on behalf of utility companies, their contractors and sub-contractors in the water, gas and electricity sectors.

Over the years, our streetworks software has been used to replace outdated paper-based systems by, amongst others: 

  • Kellys - installations of London' bike rental and motorway solar-powered telephones
  • Lanes for Drains - dashboard-based workflow management for better allocation of resources
  • Morrisons Utility Services, Essential Water Services, Talboys Utilities - streamlining operations on contracts with water suppliers

Our app takes photos and stamps them with the GPS location and time as well as the job reference. They are returned to the website and build into a complete visual record that helps you prove compliance and delivery to your client.

Data can be collected on site through configurable forms, enabling asset and site inspections, traffic management surveys, OpenReach A55 forms. Replace your paper systems, speed up your processes, improve accuracy and data quality, and never lose vital information again.

More immediate and accurate information flows encourage higher productivity, faster cashflow, better quality, and safer work environments. Check our ROI calculator to see the financial benefits that using eyeSite can bring.

Case study

JAWS Solutions “eyeSite is an easy win for my clients."

"Setup is quick, it’s easy to use for the crews out in the field, it means fewer phone calls to base and they can easily notify hindrances or difficult conditions that prevent them working.

“eyeSite saves on site visits, and by catching defects early, saves on repairs and remediations”

Paul Burns, JAWS Solutions

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Our guarantee

eyeSite Construction Field Management Software
for quality, productivity and safety in construction, utilities, asset management, and more

We are so confident that eyeSite will prove its worth to you, that we promise to refund your subscription in full after three months if you are not thoroughly convinced!

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