eyeSite is easy to implement cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that creates a real-time, organised, visual record of your field operations.

eyeSite allows you to plan workflow, allocate resources, and prove quality, delivery and compliance.



The basics

Your workers use the mobile app to capture photos and form data as they work.

The photos are stamped with GPS time and location, then sent back to the website where they create a comprehensive visual record, automatically organised. You can search, sort, filter, integrate with other systems, and run reports showing urgent tasks, performance metrics, etc.

eyeSite boosts productivity, proves compliance, and cuts admin, helping you deliver great service to your customers.

The features

There's a lot more to eyeSite than photo management.


Configurable workflows - add different types of task, concurrent or sequential, to reflect your own processes

Collect data through configurable forms

Create diagrams free style, or automated using pre-defined templates and incorporating form data

Capture signatures

Calculate costs from reported data using a rate card

Add markers to flag warnings, and automate alerts for upcoming deadlines 


Download data using filtered reports, including 

  • Status report - lists the status of recently active tasks
  • Jeopardy report - lists tasks with upcoming deadlines or milestones
  • Property report - lists collected data 


And, coming soon...

  • Lone worker alerts
  • Automated measurement using AI

The benefits

Easy to implement

It's available on a monthly subscription and there's no software to install. Everything is accessed through a secure connection to the cloud, as and when you need it. The apps are available on the iOS and Android app stores.

Easy to configure

The website and app can be configured to precisely match your work processes and data needs.

Easy to use - virtually no training required

The app is intuitively designed and needs no special training. Comprehensive help text is available in the app and on the website.


The photos are tagged with job reference, work stage, GPS location, and satellite time and date. You get a complete visual record and audit trail of what, when, where and how your teams are doing.

You can share access to data, if needed, with your customers.

There are complete search, filter and sort facilities, and downloadable reports. You can set up alerts and warning flags that you to deadlines or incomplete tasks.

eyeSite has its own API and can integrate with your existing systems.

Your clients can be given limited access to view completions and delivery, speeding up the payment process.

eyeSite brings real-time monitoring for efficient workflow management, higher quality standards, and detailed record keeping, and is configurable to fit your processes and workflow

eyeSite has been designed for complete flexibility so that all aspects of the system can be tailored to fit your company's workflow and brand values. It will help you monitor quality, progress and performance, collect data, and allocate resources efficiently. 

Say hello to see how eyeSite could work for you.

eyeSite for enterprise

eyeSite for enterprise

eyeSite connects end users with progress on the ground

Contract partners manage workflow and assign resources, their staff or sub-contractors use the app to track operations, and managers and the end client can see progress in real time.

eyeSite for small and medium enterprise

eyeSite for small and medium enterprise

eyeSite gives you control

You need to know what's going on, so your sub-contractors use eyeSite to collate and report progress. Your customers can see the results for themselves too if needed.


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