Nothing could be more important than protecting the safety of your workforce on site. But how does technology help?

It's a dangerous business.

HSE statistics show almost half of accidents in construction involve slips or falls, with a further 40% involving moving a object or vehicle.

Fatal injuries on UK construction sites are increasing, bucking the downward trend in other industries.

Aside from accidents, muscular-skeletal injuries, respiratory hazards, and exposure to cancer-causing material contribute to the 2 million working days lost each year due to work-related illness and injury in construction. Smaller employers experience higher levels of risk.

Stay safe out there

You are making sure everyone has the right PPE, is trained in working at height, and has a first aid certificate. Your scaffolding is secure, and your machinery is well-maintained and regularly inspected. You have good signage to protect workers and the general public. You proactively encourage a culture of safety. So what's missing?

Maybe things get missed now and again. Maybe the safety inspection reports aren't checked to ensure they are being done correctly and on time. Maybe the odd risk is taken or corner cut to get the work done on time. Maybe your workforce are being exposed to unnecessary risks.

Rework undertaken late in the project is often where greater risks are taken. In the hurry to install a quick fix, the usual safety procedures may be ignored and accidents occur as a result.

How tech helps

Using a technology tool such as eyeSite will speed up and lessen the burden of undertaking and processing safety inspection reports. Incidents can be reported with photographs and captured signatures. The lone worker capability will alert you when someone has been in a risky situation for too long without reporting that they are safe. In a dispute over liability, photographic evidence can prove invaluable. And by monitoring quality and progress in real-time, eyeSite helps to reduce the need for rework, as well as helping to prevent or eliminate dangerous situations.

In addition, eyeSite can be used to provide ready access to always up-to-date safety manuals and onboarding assistance.

Our guarantee

eyeSite Construction Field Management Software
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We are so confident that eyeSite will prove its worth to you, that we promise to refund your subscription in full after three months if you are not thoroughly convinced!

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