Struggling for time?

Construction is a stressful job. It's difficult, dangerous, and there's always pressure to deliver on schedule.

Managing the supply of materials and skilled labour, keeping everyone safe, maintaining productivity and quality, dealing with unexpected events, building to plan, responding to the needs of sales and marketing... there just isn't enough time in the day.

To maintain productivity, sometimes safety or quality are compromised, or maybe you work longer hours.

Digitising your processes

Using technology to replace paper forms or spreadsheets in your processes has obvious benefits, but there are frequent tales of woe where systems have been adopted to the detriment of working practice. If the software solution chosen to help with productivity actually slows you down, what's the point?

The ideal solution would:

  • be easy to use with very little training
  • be quick to get up and running
  • organise your information in one easy to access place
  • be easy to search and filter
  • adapt to your existing processes
  • integrate with your current technology
  • be extensible and customisable
  • give insightful results¬†
  • not cost a lot

Not every system on the market ticks all those boxes, but we do know of one that does... (can you guess?)

Form filling

This can be a significant drain on your time, and if all those estimates, drawings, risk assessments, delivery notes et al are on paper and piled up in box files, it will be hard to track down the information you need quickly.

eyeSite digitises your forms, making them easy for anyone to fill in using a simple app on a phone or tablet. The data is instantly transmitted to the web portal, accessible to anyone with the appropriate permissions. There's no paper to file, no spreadsheets to wade through, nothing gets lost, so everything can be easily accessed and acted upon.

Compared to using paper or spreadsheets, eyeSite reduces processing costs by up to 45%.

Progress monitoring

Use the app to take photos as you work and you will build a complete visual record of progress. Photos are stamped with GPS time and location, then sent back to the website where they are organised by job reference, task and stage to create a comprehensive visual record. You can refer back to them at any time to check quality, examine the cause of problems, or resolve disputes.

Automatic collection and collation of photos dramatically reduces the administrative burden.

Resource allocation

With real-time notice of each task being completed, resource planning is greatly simplified, with just one click required to allocate further tasks to an individual or team supervisor. They will immediately receive details of the task on the app. 

eyeSite makes communicating with your workforce easier and faster, gives you the information you need to take timely decisions, and lets work more efficiently and productively.


By creating an up to date record of progress with photos and form data, eyeSite reduces the need for site visits, but inspections and check lists can be completed using the app and included in the reports and analysis. 

Being able to prove compliance and delivery to specification speeds up the approval process, avoids the need for rework, and helps cash flow.

Work faster and smarter without impacting your current processes

eyeSite boosts productivity, proves compliance, and cuts admin, helping you deliver great service to your customers.

Our guarantee

eyeSite Construction Field Management Software
for quality, productivity and safety in construction, utilities, asset management, and more

We are so confident that eyeSite will prove its worth to you, that we promise to refund your subscription in full after three months if you are not thoroughly convinced!

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