Construction is a complex and expensive process where attention to detail is key

Projects rely on clear communication and precise directives; anchors that eyeSite is custom made to provide. eyeSite records project progress at every step, building a comprehensive visual record that is automatically categorised and indexed, and instantly available.

By building a visual record as your project progresses, you can monitor and review task completion at any point and from anywhere. This helps to avoid the need for rework, one of the biggest reasons projects exceed budget, as it is often undertaken outside of the usual project restraints, which also makes it a more likely source of accidents.

Image capture tagged with satellite time and location data provides accurate evidence of compliance and delivery. Your clients can be given read-only access, reducing the time and admin cost of answering queries, and helping ensure that you get paid on time. Purpose-built reports enable management to identify any issues in performance or quality, reducing the need for frequent on-site visits.

Task scheduling must be adaptable if quality and accuracy is to be maintained, as we can’t always predict what new challenges we’ll discover in the field! Therefore, any changes can be made at the click of a button and relayed to the on-site team, enabling exact solutions to be implemented as soon as possible. Instant progress tracking is proven to boost productivity, improving accountability and task efficiency.

Able to easily integrate with your existing systems, eyeSite can streamline admin and is an essential part of cost reduction. Invoicing is made fool-proof and lost documents can be a thing of the past. When communication between management and the field team is clarified, everyone benefits, your end-client included.

Our guarantee

eyeSite Construction Field Management Software
for quality, productivity and safety in construction, utilities, asset management, and more

We are so confident that eyeSite will prove its worth to you, that we promise to refund your subscription in full after three months if you are not thoroughly convinced!

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