Back in 2017 Bovis Homes had a quality problem that resulted in a two-star HBF rating and £10m set aside to repair the homes of dissatisfied new-build customers.

Other companies have suffered similar damage to their reputation, and even though in the latest HBF survey no company scored less than four stars, it was reported that 94% of new-build buyers had reported snags to their builder.

Skills, labour and materials shortages are hampering efforts to maintain standards as demand for housing continues to rise. Covid-19 has slowed production further, with many people on furlough or working from home and social distancing measures required on site.

As much as we all want to deliver beautiful and functional homes to our customers, occasionally things 'out of our control' go wrong. So what can we do to bring as much as we can inside our control?

An innovative approach to quality

The UK government's 'Construction 2025' report noted that two-thirds of construction contracting firms are 'not innovative'. Many housebuilders rely on paper, spreadsheets or ineffective software to manage the build process. Working this way can miss the underlying causes of quality issues. No-one has the time to monitor and inspect every piece of work done by their staff or contractors. How can you promote a Right First Time culture without close-up and personal supervision?

eyeSite will reduce the time you spend fire-fighting, and give you peace of mind that the work is being done properly. An easy-to-use app lets your workforce record their progress, without impacting on their time. Photos and data are sent back automatically to the web portal where your QA team can check on performance and quality remotely. 

Right First Time

By creating a real-time visual record of your work, eyeSite helps you spot faults early, and promotes pride in quality throughout your workforce. And if the tricky question of who's to blame should ever arise, you have the evidence on hand to back up your case.

We make things easy for you. We set everything up, so that it perfectly matches your workflows and terminology. All you need to do is just download the app and get going. Pricing is on monthly subscription, based on the number of users and the modules you choose, so you can start small before committing to a wider roll-out.

Our guarantee

eyeSite Construction Field Management Software
for quality, productivity and safety in construction, utilities, asset management, and more

We are so confident that eyeSite will prove its worth to you, that we promise to refund your subscription in full after three months if you are not thoroughly convinced!

Great, sign me up!

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