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“eyeSite is an easy win for my clients."

"Setup is quick, it’s easy to use for the crews out in the field, it means fewer phone calls to base and they can easily notify hindrances or difficult conditions that prevent them working.

“eyeSite saves on site visits, and by catching defects early, saves on repairs and remediations”

Paul Burns, JAWS Solutions


The streetworks sector is highly regulated and repairs must comply to a strict legal framework.

In addition, permission to work on the carriageway is provided by highway authorities who can impose heavy fines for overruns or breaches of conditions.

Margins within the industry are tight and making effective use of resources is crucial.


eyeSite provides a highly configurable setup, enabling flexible modelling to match any business process.

Crews see the tasks that they have been assigned on their phone or tablet, and take photos as they work using a simple interface.

Project managers can monitor progress in real time, check that the task has been performed to standards, and allocate further resources accordingly.

End clients can be given view-only access to the system, improving communications and reducing the need for site inspections.

If disputes arise, they can be resolved more easily by reference to the photographic evidence of the situation before, during and after the work.

Since 2018, eyeSite has processed more than 3.8 million photos in the streetworks sector, at over 75,000 work sites.


The eyeSite system provides:

  • Real time monitoring of field crew activities for quality control and efficient resource allocation.
  • Automatic photo management, time, location and reference stamped, and categorised by task and crew.
  • A complete visual record of work completed to assist with billing and dispute resolution.


  • Communication - visual evidence builds trust and reduces the need for site visits.
  • Planning and Workflow - tasks can be assigned as each stage is completed.
  • Monitoring - work can be assessed for quality as it is undertaken.
  • Administration - photo management is fully automatic.
  • Reporting - billing, jeopardy alerts, performance evaluation, quality metrics, etc.
  • Dispute Resolution - photo evidence stamped with GPS time and location.
  • Security - industry standard data security.


JAWS Solutions provide IT and consultancy services to utility companies and their contractors in the streetworks sector.  

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