The impact of rework on construction projects creates a major problem across the whole sector.

It's been estimated that rework as a result of errors accounts on average for 10% of a project's costs, and this figure can rise as high as 30%.

The financial cost isn't the whole picture, though. The reactive model for dealing with errors encourages quick fixes by the team, hoping that the problems can be put right before anyone notices. However, this can lead to shortcuts on both health & safety and quality, while in the long run post-delivery snagging could damage the contractor's reputation.

The answer is to keep close track of all stages of a project — and that requires software designed specifically for that purpose. From reviewing progress in real time to allocating resources efficiently and providing proof of compliance and delivery, you need a one-stop tool to monitor your project. eyeSite, a cloud-based web portal and mobile app, can do all that and more.

Using eyeSite will help you bring in your project on time and on budget, but that's not all. It will also help transform your company's culture from reactive to system based and beyond, impacting every aspect of your operations. Get in touch with us to request a demo.


Further reading:
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